took this pic on way back from base 10 then he said im not sleeping just resting my eyes ya right

Alan’s Story

On the night of January 26th, the Geisenkoetter family was out ice fishing. They had just moved to a new lake and Alan (Sr.) was setting up their portable ice house. Ellie and Anavae were in the truck and Alan (Jr) had gotten out while Dad was setting up. As this was happening someone who had been fishing nearby started up their snowmobile. Alan Jr has recently been obsessed with snowmobiles and went to the back of their truck to see it as it went by.

Ellie noticed that it was moving towards them quickly and coming a little too close and yelled for Alan (Jr) to come back to the front of the truck. Before anyone knew what was happening, the snowmobile grazed the tailgate of the truck, hit Alan (Jr) and then plowed right into the icehouse that Alan (Sr.) was setting up.

Alan (Jr) was dragged across the ice and many people on the lake came to help while they waited for first responders. Alan (Sr.) could not get up and was transported to a metro hospital via ambulance, while Alan (Jr) was airlifted out.  The driver of the snowmobile was found to be under the influence of alcohol.

On Wednesday, January 31st, the Ellie and Alan Sr. had to make the hardest decision of their lives. Alan’s brain injury was so bad, it was certain he would never recover. He gained his angel wings that day.

This site is a place for the many stories we have of Alan Jr. A place to celebrate his eight years and do him the honor of remembering the wonderful kid he was.

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Alan the Server

Little Alan and I were like partners in crime. Roughhousing and wrestling were inevitable when we got together ..boys y'know? He'd even show me how to pour beer in his garage

A great helper

Hello. My name is Chad and I am the daytime custodian at Alan’s school. I wanted you to know I’m so sorry for your loss. Alan was very special to me. He would wait until after his grade was done with lunch and then help me dump the trash almost daily. He would count...

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