took this pic on way back from base 10 then he said im not sleeping just resting my eyes ya right

Alan’s Story

On the night of January 26th, the Geisenkoetter family was out ice fishing. They had just moved to a new lake and Alan (Sr.) was setting up their portable ice house. Ellie and Anavae were in the truck and Alan (Jr) had gotten out while Dad was setting up. As this was happening someone who had been fishing nearby started up their snowmobile. Alan Jr has recently been obsessed with snowmobiles and went to the back of their truck to see it as it went by.

Ellie noticed that it was moving towards them quickly and coming a little too close and yelled for Alan (Jr) to come back to the front of the truck. Before anyone knew what was happening, the snowmobile grazed the tailgate of the truck, hit Alan (Jr) and then plowed right into the icehouse that Alan (Sr.) was setting up.

Alan (Jr) was dragged across the ice and many people on the lake came to help while they waited for first responders. Alan (Sr.) could not get up and was transported to a metro hospital via ambulance, while Alan (Jr) was airlifted out.  The driver of the snowmobile was found to be under the influence of alcohol.

On Wednesday, January 31st, the Ellie and Alan Sr. had to make the hardest decision of their lives. Alan’s brain injury was so bad, it was certain he would never recover. He gained his angel wings that day.

This site is a place for the many stories we have of Alan Jr. A place to celebrate his eight years and do him the honor of remembering the wonderful kid he was.

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took this pic on way back from base 10 then he said im not sleeping just resting my eyes ya right

Road trip, remembering Alan!

Justin is a classmates of Alan’s. Justin often talks about Alan. We went on a road trip over spring break and while my husband was unloading the car at our destination, he saw this on the window where Justin sits in the van. “Alan” written in finger prints on the...

Race Cars

My son Jacob called Alan his “third best friend.” One day I found this drawing on the table and asked Jacob if he missed his friend. He somberly said “yeah.” I asked Jacob to tell me about the drawing, to which he replied, “It’s me and Alan playing race cars, ‘cuz we...

Sweet Alan

Alan knew me as Miss Josie, I helped out in his first grade classroom. From the first time I met Alan, I knew he was special. He was always smiling, and I loved his glasses and his sweet little freckles. I find it hard to put Alan into words, he was just so unique,...

Flying Frogs

I am going to miss Alan so much...his big smile, his big heart, his presence at Columbus Elementary. During book check out he would always magically appear next to me behind the check out desk. And often times he would be the last student to leave the library with his...

Never Give Up a Good Photo Op

Here I am, the mother of the bride. I was the last minute photographer my daughters wedding.  My Dad had also made Ellie and Alans wedding cakes.  I had not yet taken the cut the cake shots, and I spied the cutest little boy checking out the cake. What can I say?  I...

Shimmy Jimmy

One of the other second graders boy likes to dance and shake his body at lunch so I called him shimmy jimmy. Well Alan caught wind of this and walked up to me about 2 months ago and said I can shimmy better then shimmy jimmy. And he started dancing and moving around...

Paws Tickets

So they give out paws tickets for good behavior. Well I would give Alan one or two everyday for helping me with trash. One day I didn’t see Alan at the normal trash time. I looked around and there he was fixing all the lunch trays that the kids put in the dish window...

The cleaning machine

The machine I clean the cafe floor with was sitting in the cafe and Alan loved turning that key and turning it on. There is a few buttons to push as well. I let him push those buttons and he was so proud as he was able to do it. So once after his lunch last year I let...

Fixing the drinking fountain

My last story for today. I was working on fixing a drinking fountain last year. I saw two shoes standing by me. I looked up and it was Alan. After he asked me all about what I was doing he just stood there watching me. So I said hey can you hold this screwdriver for...

Clowning Around

So I don’t like clowns and most of the kids in Alan’s grade love teasing me about it. Alan included. One day he came up to me and said something to the effect “ I know you don’t like clowns, so I’m just teasing you about liking clowns” after I teased him back for a...

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